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Not Forgotten by Geraldine Pilgrim

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‘ An eloquence emanates from these abandoned spaces, and Pilgrim cleverly allows them to speak for themselves, to reveal more than she imposes’ (The Guardian, Deep End).

Geraldine Pilgrim creates Site Specific installations and performances in extroadinary buildings and in different locations. Her main work is creating memories and atmospheres and interpreting them into Site Specific art.


Pilgrim created a Site Specific piece called Not Forgotten which ran from September 2010 until September 2011. The installation is based on the fourteen children of John and Mary Towneley, who had a family portrait back in 1601. The family tree, the lavender and the cots were each a memorial to each child.

‘I want to create a memorial to the Towneley family, part of which installation that changes and develops over time and draw on the family history, the hall and landscape to create an artwork the belongs to the people of Burnley.’ (Pilgrim, 2010).

I feel that it was her aim to create a type of artwork that makes the public think and imagine a home that experienced the life, loss and love of the family.


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