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Forced Entertainment

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Rob Anthony and I researched into Forced Entertainment which mainly explores what theatre and performance can mean in contemporary life. They make performances that challenge, but excite the audience members. They attempt to push the boundaries of theatre by doing things people do during their every day life.

A great example of Forced Entertainment is a video I watched on YouTube called The Notebook directed by Tim Etchells and written by Agota Kristof. It was an intriguing performance based on the impact of World War II with a style that saw its two actors (Richard Lowdon and Robin Arthur) speaking in sync with each other for 135 minutes with no interval.

The Notebook Trailer

‘Climaxes don’t have to be produced, resolutions are not needed. It is what it is’.

. (Etchells, 2007). Forced Entertainment wanted freedom to do whatever they want in their pieces. They wanted to focus more on changeableness and fluidity instead of structuring.

Etchells, T. (2007). Tom Etchell’s white and performer character. [online] Forced Entertainment Project. [Accessed 28 Feb. 2016].

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