Sunday, February 28th, 2016...10:43 pm

Brainstorming Ideas for our own Site Specific Performance

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10/2/16. Jaimie, Jake and I were thinking of what our idea could be. We decided to ‘drift’ around The Drill Hall again and we saw two memorial stones of two soldiers who fought during World War I, Lance Corporal Leonard Keyworth and Corporal James Upton.


In relation to the two soldiers, we were told to create a Site Specific Performance involving them. We decided to perform the Site in this room of The Drill Hall because we wanted to create a trench behind the bars.


For this session however, we decided to perform in the dark so the audience could only hear. How we wanted the audience to feel when they experience our performance was we wanted the audience to feel how War soldiers such as James Upton and Leonard Keyworth felt during World War I. We wanted to make the audience feel as if they were in a battle. We wanted them to pay tribute to them and make them show more respect for the soldiers who fought for us. We did this by placing an audience member in a chair and placing a soldier’s hat on their head and a blanket over their shoulders. We then turned the lights off in order to make the room dark.

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