Thursday, January 28th, 2016...8:20 pm

Site Specific Vlog, Week 1: Touring the Drill Hall and Experiencing Drifting

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27/1/2016 marked our first day on site at the Drill Hall. We were given a tour, then allowed to roam to look around for ourselves. This video is a recap of the tour we were given as filmed by myself.

After this, we were asked to attempt “drifting”, and were asked to form small groups to do so. Adam and I decided that to begin our drift we would flip a coin to choose a direction to walk in, and so we ended up walking down Freeschool Lane and ended up entering the Lincoln public library. As we walked around slowly I noticed a display advertising the Dry January campaign, with a small pyramid built out of plastic cups (see photo below). I also spotted a large section of local history books and newspaper archives. We walked out through a different door than the one we entered from, and found ourselves in a small courtyard with a seemingly pointless wall. I took a look behind it and discovered a building that seemed to hold toilets, and possibly other rooms. We then went back through the library to leave and return to the Drill Hall. I definitely think that being in a place when you have no designated purpose opens your eyes to things you might have simply dismissed or not even noticed if you had a clear goal in mind.

Dry January display in Lincoln public library

Dry January display in Lincoln public library


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